Resolve disagreements regarding
parenting agreements
child support
parentage cases
post-divorce issues

Come to agreement and move forward.
Avoid the uncertainty, expense and stress of going to court.

Contact Vermont mediator Erik Wheeler.

Vermont Mediator Erik Wheeler

A better way to resolve disputes.

With the guidance of a professional mediator, you can find a solution that will work for both of you — at a far lower cost than litigation.

Divorce Mediation
Work through divorce in a more peaceful way, at your own pace. Divorce mediation keeps you in full control of the outcome. Learn about divorce mediation
Post-divorce Mediation
Resolve disagreements with your former spouse about parenting, so that things are easier for you and the kids.
Child Custody Mediation
Resolve disagreements about parent-child contact (PCC) schedules and parental rights and responsibilities (PRR).
Estate Mediation
Preserve relationships with family while coming to agreement on estate division or contested wills.

Put this situation behind you.

Email Erik to set up a free consultation.

  • Very professional and honest.

    Helped my family get through a hard time.

    — E. C.
    Testimonial by E. C.
  • Erik helped us to navigate a very challenging time with his mediation service.
    I highly recommend mediation for divorce over lawyers no matter what your income bracket and assets may be.

    — M. L.
    Testimonial by M. L.
  • Very good service. He helped us very much, couldn't ask for a better person. Thank you very much for everything you did.

    — S. R.
    Testimonial by S. R.
  • I am happy to say that we ended up using a lawyer just to review the final paperwork only. Saved time, money, emotional well-being and drama for both of us.

    — M. L.
    Testimonial by M. L.
  • Erik has a calm, clear way that is easy to work with. I highly recommend him.

    — J. A.
    Testimonial by J. A.
  • His understanding of life situations and what adversities they can produce, combined with his calm, genuine and honest demeanor, make it easy for me to recommend him to anyone looking for a mediator for any situation.

    — S. S.
    Testimonial by S. S.
  • Erik’s knowledge, expertise, and patience allowed everyone to speak and listen in a safe environment.

    Erik’s ability to take a difficult problem and help all parties come to a solution is excellent, thorough and fair.

    — C. A.
    Testimonial by C. A.
  • I was nervous going into mediation. What if the mediator took the other side? But Erik didn't take sides, he just kept us on task and gave us the guidance and space we needed to make our own decisions. Highly recommend.

    — J. G.
    Testimonial by J. G.
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