Erik Wheeler, Mediator

Mediator Erik Wheeler

Disagreement and conflict is a normal part of everyone’s lives. Sometimes the conflict is minor, such as disputing a vendor’s charge to your credit card—and sometimes it is serious and complex, such as dividing assets during a divorce.

Disagreements about the more serious issues can be very stressful, and over time can damage relationships, causing additional conflict in the future.

Unsure of how to resolve the conflict and frustration, many people’s first inclination is to pursue a lawsuit or other legal means. However, lawsuits escalate the conflict, causing more stress in the process, and cost far more in legal fees. Worse, the legal approach leaves the important decisions in someone else’s hands, and quite often, both parties are unhappy with the outcome.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Mediation can help you come to agreement with less cost, and less stress. As a professional mediator, I have received extensive training in helping people come to agreement, and hold a M.S. in Mediation and Conflict Studies.

As a professionally trained mediator, I am passionate about using my mediation training and expertise to help people come to agreement in a more peaceful manner.

I can help you work through conflict, while saving money and preserving relationships in the process.

I offer mediation for family issues such as divorce, post-divorce, parentage, parenting agreements, and estate settlement. I also offer mediation for small business partners who are experiencing disagreement regarding their business.

I’m happy to discuss your situation with you by phone, at no cost, to describe how mediation can help you with your disagreement. Call 802-391-4121 for an appointment in your local area.

Erik is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution and the Vermont Bar Association. He also serves on an Assistance Panel for the Vermont Professional Responsibility Board.

Erik is a member of the mediator directory Mediation Resource.